Free ebook: VR Collaboration

Enterprise VR represents a significant area of growth, with more industries and sectors taking advantage of virtual reality technology to transform the world of work.

VR Collaboration is the heart of enterprise VR, as this collaborative technology removes physical barriers and provides new, innovative and powerful ways for people to work together.

VR Collaboration enables real-time simultaneous immersion in a 3D virtual environment between colleagues in different locations, working on a shared 3D application and utilising a variety of display systems such as immersive rooms, Powerwall displays, head mounted displays and today connections to this virtual content can even be experienced with low cost viewing devices and mobile phones that are a capable to receive streamed visual data.

In this ebook, we explore :

  • The Industries that Can Benefit from Enterprise VR
  • The 3 biggest Advantages of Enterprise VR - Collaborate - Communicate - Review
  • Case Studies - How the School Arts et Métiers Paris uses VR - How the University of Leeds conducts research using VR

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