Webinar: Construction Training with CM Labs Simulations

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Webinar: How to improve Operator Training with CM Labs Simulation solutions

In this webinar, we take you through the journey of Operator Training. You will learn about:
– Bridging the skills gap with the Edge Max Simulator
– Using technology and GPS Guidance systems
– Training & transferable operator skills with professional-grade simulation

Webinar hosts:

Amir Khosh, Business development manager, ST Engineering Antycip

Drew Carruthers, Director of Product Strategy, CM Labs Simulation


Time: Live webinar was held on March 24th 2020 – sign up above to receive the link to the recording


Not all simulators are created equal.

No matter which CM Labs simulator you choose, you are guaranteed the most realistic training experience. You expect the best from your operators; expect the best from your simulator.


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