Paris (France), 7th May 2019 – Antycip, a virtual reality and 3D immersive solutions integrator and the European leader for simulation software, has announced the appointment of Enrico Salcuni as its new sales manager, effective 15 April 2019. Salcuni will be in charge of the development of new business areas in the R&D department, particularly in the field of virtual reality simulators for engineering sectors (civil, transport & construction and educational), and will answer to Riccardo Rovelli, regional manager for the IT-DACH territories. Although he will be primarily based in the Italian office, Salcuni’s tasks will require him to travel frequently around the country, as well as to Switzerland and the other countries in the DACH region. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the VR sector,” enthused Salcuni. “It’s fantastic to be part of a company that had the foresight to recognise the potential of this sector over 20 years ago. I am looking forward to bringing exciting visual display solutions projects to our clients, as well as help expand the Antycip portfolio by participating in both national and international events in the field of Virtual Reality simulations.” With a background on the technical side of VR, Salcuni’s experience allowed him to gain a thorough view of both the operational design process and deep understanding of both customer and technical team requirements. Prior to joining Antycip, Salcuni worked as a services application consultant for Dassault Systèmes, developing immersive VR environments for virtual retail and merchandising. Riccardo Rovelli commented : “Historically, the Italian team has mainly looked to develop business in the defence market, and Enrico’s appointment will allow us to explore the VR/AR market in a more dedicated way. It also ties in nicely with Antycip’s recent strategic partnership with CM Labs and the investment in their product line for which Enrico will be bringing business opportunities from the civil market.” Concluded Salcuni : “More and more companies are starting to understand the benefits of Extended Reality in our daily working lives : e-learning, training, safety and quality simulation, etc. "For the opening of my MSc thesis on VR & AR solutions for civil engineering, I quoted writer and essayist William Gibson, who said : ’The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed’. I believe this is very much the case with the VR sector, so I have made it my mission to share its benefits with as many people as I can.”