An Overview of Space Situational Swareness (SSA)

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What can be done to prevent collisions in space?

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Like Earth, space is becoming increasingly congested and a focus for international disputes.

The future security of satellite technology and space travel depends on governments, institutions and organisations monitoring and protecting their space-borne assets such as satellites.

The effectiveness of this surveillance also impacts on the terrestrial uses of communication systems, such as GPS.

In short, economic and military security relies on ensuring assets are located where they should be in space and that they are working properly.

Space Situational Awareness (SSA) involves detecting, identifying and tracking every artificial object in the Earth’s orbit.

Systems Tool Kit (STK) four-dimensional modelling provides the means of analysing space assets through advanced simulation software.

Highlights of this ebook:

  • What is Space Situational Awareness?
  • Why is SSA Important?
  • What are the main objectives of SSA?
  • What is STK / How STK supports SSA?
  • STK and the space environment

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