Today, virtual reality has become an integral part of the workflow for many industries. It is used for a wide range of purposes such as:
  • Virtual prototyping of products - manufacturers can save vast sums of R&D costs and also increase productivity.
  • Virtual testing environments – improves safety and a significant return on investment. Different departments can use the same technology for multiple projects and future research purposes.
Virtual reality is becoming more viable for business and research organisations than it has ever been. Several organisations are now embracing VR technologies with the help of an easy to use software gateway capability to transform their content into a vivid, interactive, synthetically generated visual which can be utilised in their VR display of choice. So, the question that comes to mind is what are the factors that companies should look for in a large scale VR display to bring this immersive content to life. In this ebook, we look at the following large scale immersive display technologies and highlight the advantages of each solution:
  • Large Scale VR Displays
  • VR Powerwall
  • Cylindrical and Curved Screen VR Displays
  • VR Projection Technologies
  • The Curved CAVE Solution
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