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March 10, 2020
12:00 am


For this 2020 edition, DSET (Defence Simulation Education and Training) will continue to increase the military and industry attendees to the event to build upon what has become a regular community driven opportunity to meet to discuss challenges and innovations.

The Antycip team will be at the show with experts from our sister company, VT MAK, network simulation partner Scalable Network Technologies and mission planning expert AGI. You will find us at the VT MAK stand.

All aspects of the Simulation for Joint Forces will be covered through on-stand demonstrations of leading simulation products:

  • Fill your synthetic environments with urban, battlefield, maritime, joint and airspace activity using a powerful and flexible Computer-Generated Forces (CGF) platform: VR Forces.
  • Play the role of a first-person human character; a vehicle driver, gunner or commander; the pilot of an airplane or helicopter; or a sensor operator with VR Engage, the multi-role virtual simulator by VT MAK.
  • See with a game-like visual quality, with a high-performance image generator designed by modelling & simulation experts for training and simulation projects: VR Vantage.
  • Enhance the reliability and security of your networks and the mission-critical systems that operate across the networks with the cyber security Modelling and Simulation software: Exata by Scalable Network Technologies.
  • Plan, model and analyse complex interactions in a mission context between land, sea, air and space systems using AGI’s Systems Tool Kit (STK)

We are looking forward to see you at DSET – make sure to book a time slot with one of us by filling in the form

Event date: 10-11 March 2020

Venue: Bristol, UK. For security reasons, we will only provide the conference location on request or to registered attendees.

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