Sensemaking: Humanify Tech to Thrive-webinar

September 10, 2020

ST Engineering Global Marathon Webinar

With their inaugural 12-hour Global Marathon Webinar, ST Engineering will gather entities from all around the world to discuss around the theme “Sensemaking: Humanify Tech to Thrive”.   

What is Sensemaking?

Sensemaking manifests on how ST Engineering unify emerging tech (Edge, IoT, AI, Analytics, Cybersecurity, Robotics etc) with their solutions and products, to sense, connect and act for IoT, Mobilty Road and Rail, C3 solutions, Public Safety etc, for smarter, safer and more sustainable solutions.

During this first global webinar, all stakeholders will expound on the latest development in their expertise and their use cases, to empower city planners and organisations to gain clarity, accuracy and speed with smarter, faster actionable outcomes.

This digital event will have dedicated sessions on strategising purposeful, measurable sensemaking outcomes, vibrant sharing on how organisations can accelerate and humanify these emerging technologies with uncut debates and dialogues, and a series of insightful use cases that are deployed internationally.

ST Engineering Antycip’s session will be dedicated to “Training and design in 3D Environments“:

You will learn the origins of VR and how it evolved through time, to meet today a level of immersion never reached before. We will also be presenting our latest and most advanced uses of VR as a professional tool through various use cases:

  • Leeds University “Hiker” VR Cave. This VR Chamber is contributing to the design of sustainable cities that meet the needs of future populations, by allowing experimental research on Automated Vehicle (AV) design, warning system design, and intersection configuration, and how people interact with built environments
  • Bath University “V-Simulator” VR Cave, allowing the engineering, infrastructure and architecture industries to investigate how humans respond to factors such as movement and vibrations in buildings and structures.

Spanning across 12 hours, this global webinar will kickstart the session from Singapore to Southeast Asia, from China to Middle East, and from Europe to Latin America, and rounding off with the United States. 

Time: On the 10th of September 2020, from 1pm to 1am (SGT, GMT+8)

ST Engineering Antycip presentation time: 1:50pm BST to 2:10pm BST (2:50pm -3:10pm CEST)

Registration link: to register, please fill in the form on this page. A link to the webinar will then be provided to you by email, closer to the date of the event.


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