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Simulation Construction Open Days, Saronno, Italy

October 1, 2019
12:00 am


Monitoring and assessing operator training

The best training solution is the one your trainees will believe in. Most operators are multimodal trainees: they learn better when they see, hear, and feel. Because of this, real world physics coupled with simulation technology is an essential component of the trainee experience.

Experience this new CM Labs technology at our Open days in Saronno near Milan, Italy, on 1st-2nd October 2019

CM Labs Simulations is the developer of Vortex® training simulators, a complete training solution for construction operator safety and efficiency based on real-world physics.

During this event, you will:

- Learn how to safely and effectively train equipment operators with the world’s leading training simulators that deliver real-world results, whether it is for the port or construction sectors.

- Learn about a cost-effective approach to preparing operators for the work site.

- Discover the advantages of real world physics for an accurate training.

- How simulators can be used for recruiting and assessing skills.

- Test-drive their choice of crane or heavy equipment on the immersive Vortex Advantage simulator

- Hear how CM Labs clients have successfully implemented simulation into their training curriculum and have cut costs by investing in Vortex® simulators

- Learn about CM Labs’ current lineup of simulation-based construction and training offerings.

Space is limited for this free event, so please reserve your place.


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