Virtual Safety Critical Training webinar with ETSA

February 24, 2022
2:00 pm


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During this event organised by the European Training and Simulation Association, we presented user cases and demonstrate simulation training benefits compared to traditional training methods.



  • Amir Khosh, Business Development Manager at Antycip
  • Megan Spiers, PR and Marketing Executive at The Bristol Port Company
  • Spencer Flay, Training Instructor at The Bristol Port Company
  • Andy Fawkes, Editor Safety Critical Training at Halldale Group



Amir Khosh

Business Development Manager Antycip


Amir holds a UK Masters in aerospace engineering from Queens Mary University of London and provides expertise behind a multitude of technologies ranging from advanced professional level head-mounted VR & AR displays to hi-fidelity heavy equipment simulators and immersive display solutions.  Mr Khosh champions the use of virtual reality (VR) and immersive simulation technologies for an array of industry sectors, leading companies through change by bringing to life innovative technologies to better achieve their goals, improve their performance and capabilities.

Spencer Flay

Spencer Flay

Training Instructor at The Bristol Port Company


Spencer has worked at Bristol Port for almost 16 years, it is therefore no surprise that he has a robust understanding of day-to-day port operations better than most. Launching his career as a Port Apprentice, before graduating to Port Operative in which he has built an impressive skillset over the years, operating a variety of heavy plant and cranes (including Gottwald Shore Jib Crane and Ship Jib Cranes).


Spencer is now a qualified Training Instructor (ITSSAR Level 1 Qualification), providing critical training to apprentices, new recruits and current employees to maintain today’s high trade workflows. The recent installation of our 10-screen vortex crane simulator has transformed training capabilities for the department and Spencer has experienced the benefits first-hand.

Gautam Murgai

Gautam Murgai

Product Manager at Talkout


Gautam is a Product Manager and an XR enthusiast, particularly in education, training, and healthcare. He specialises in ideating and integrating AR/VR solutions for dynamic mid-market companies at TalkOut VR & Cerene. His drive and passion for XR come from his belief in immersive technology’s ability to democratize knowledge and information, by allowing people to learn & process new ideas experientially. Earlier in his career, Gautam worked at renowned hedge fund Warwick Capital Partners, and leading financial institutions including Fidelity International and Morgan Stanley.


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