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ST Engineering Antycip partnered with Digital Projection and integrator Target3D to equip the new Digital Innovation Facility with a cutting edge, multi-user 3D projection system.

Paris (France), 9 August 2022 – The Digital Innovation Facility at the University of Liverpool, a new home for academic research into emerging technologies such as autonomous systems, robotics, data analytics and artificial intelligence, has been equipped with state-of-the-art 3D projection equipment provided by ST Engineering Antycip.

Part of the University’s Institute for Digital Engineering and Autonomous Systems (IDEAS), the £12.7 million (€15.2m), 1,500m² Digital Innovation Facility (DIF) comprises multiple research laboratories, immersive visualisation facilities, work and break-out spaces for academics and collaborative partners. Motion-capture specialist Target3D, which had been commissioned to build two of the DIF’s labs, called on ST Engineering Antycip, a leading global provider of simulation, analysis, modelling, display and virtual-reality solutions, to supply and configure a cutting-edge projection set-up for the mixed-reality laboratory, which houses the UK’s first active stereo projection system capable of rendering multiple unique tracked viewpoints.


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