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Powerwalls are versatile visualisation tools for large-screen group collaboration and integrated working, enabling multi-source displays and interaction. For advanced team collaboration and presentations, they bring flexibility and adaptability to high-quality visualisation. They give users the means to manage and display 3D and 2D content, whether presenting material or enabling groups to collaborate using the large screen as a shared platform. Using combined display and work-flow systems, powerwalls enable teams to work with shared displays, to analyse in-depth, and to use their own devices as part of the system.


Powerwalls can enhance and transform training, using large-screen visualisation as an essential tool for sharing valuable knowledge and interactive learning. This technology encourages knowledge retention and is highly adaptable for both group training and remote learning. Putting large-screen visualisation at the heart of corporate training brings new levels of versatility, flexibility and knowledge delivery to training and education.



Using VR projection with powerwalls helps to enhance and economise prototyping. Virtual prototyping uses immersive visualisation, where designers and engineers can display their prototype concepts. Users can experience and analyse manufacturing prototypes at close quarters, reproduced in highly-defined visual detail. Powerwalls can refine prototypes, and observe them closely before committing to the expense and time of building working models.


Harnessing the potential of visualisation, you can explore and evaluate the design decisions you make, and to experience the implications of your decisions in advance. You can minimise risk but maximise clarity, demonstrating how things will work to customers and detecting mistakes early on in the process.


Immersive visual technology lets you take things a significant step further, where your designs and prototypes take on a more vivid aspect. Not only can you visually project designs, but you can actually walk viewers through it, using the powerwall as an immersive canvas. For demonstration purposes, and for marketing concepts effectively, this can prove invaluable.


Where projects are mission-critical, increased collaboration capability and the means to transmit vital information clearly and rapidly are essential elements. By integrating the user experience into visual presentations, and by enabling active group collaboration, powerwalls are perfect for supporting command and control. For remote team management, advanced visualisation technology helps to boost efficiency, clarify communications and reduce downtime.


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