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The Bristol Port Company




10-screen Vortex Master Simulator with motion platform

State-of-the-art crane simulator

At The Bristol Port Company, safety is paramount. By embracing cutting edge technology, their team at the Safety & Training Centre hope to further build on their safety culture and provide comprehensive training with the help of their new crane simulator! By replicating real-life scenarios in a controlled environment, their instructors can provide effective training that prepares operators for any situation – reducing risk and improving safety.

The simulator – a top-of-the-line 10-screen Vortex Master Simulator with motion platform seat – is capable of running many different types of port equipment training modules, such as the Mobile Harbour Crane (HMC) training module; the Ship to Shore (STS) Crane training module; the Rubber Tyre Gantry (RTG) Crane training module; and the Ship Pedestal Crane (SPC) training module.

The simulator has enabled The Bristol Port Company’s instructors to deliver a level of training far beyond the constraints of a classroom. They can now replicate challenging real-life scenarios in a safe, controlled training simulated environment for novice to advanced operators.

The company is already beginning to see the dividends of this cutting-edge technology.

Together with CM Labs, we are now able to support The Bristol Port Company in achieving great results with their newest training tool.