Pilot Station is the latest visual dis­play system in the Antycip portfolio.

To meet today’s complex training requirements, visual realism is critical.

Pilot Station provides realistic environments and scenarios, allowing users to train and practice in a risk-free environment, with the added flexibility of repeating exercises without restriction.

It is a dynamic solution, with ensures high visual performance, and is suitable for a wide range of mar­kets and applications.

Pilot Station is easy to as­semble and adaptable to many needs. Its distinctive curved screen allows for a wide field of view, and additional projec­tors can be used to increase the coverage, creating a greater immersion, and providing a stronger link between the real and virtual worlds.


  • Easy to install

Pilot Station has been designed to give maximum flexibility when considering where and how to install it. For example, the main structure requires only two technicians for assembly.

  • Adaptable screen

The display offers an incredible colour saturation, extraordinary de­tails and contrast to a degree that looks truly impressive.

Additionally, the design supports a wide-range of screens sizes and additional screens can be easily added.

  • Safe transport

Pilot Station is delivered in high quality crates, ensuring structural safety and secure transportation, all over the world.

  • Facilitated movement

Pilot Station can be repositioned and transported to different rooms, with its inbuilt wheels

  • Image Generation Technology

Antycip’s industry-leading image gen­eration technology provides supe­rior scene realism, with an up-to-date data­base and scalable software information, designed to meet any level of training or market need.

Pilot Station is used in simulators for helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, supercars and boats.


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