Simulation software has become an invaluable training tool for the armed forces, offering trainees a unique and comprehensive simulation-based training experience whilst saving the armed forces both time and money. From ground warfare and vehicle training to command centre training, the armed forces benefit from using simulation-based training in all different sectors. Hands-on experience is not always safe or practical when it comes to training large groups of people to operate heavy machinery or use weapons. Instead, simulation software offers trainees a realistic and immersive environment in which to practice and perfect their responses and decision-making skills. These powerful simulation-based training platforms may not offer physical ‘real life’ experience. The simulators allow trainees to practice working in a huge variety of different scenarios and environmental conditions that they may otherwise never encounter during training. Here are 5 invaluable benefits of using simulation software to train the armed forces.

Cost-effective and time-saving

Without simulation software learning to operate a tank, submarine or weapon would be very costly and time-consuming. Simulators allows many people to be trained simultaneously in one room without sacrificing the quality of learning. Simulation-based training takes away the costs associated with running vehicles, operating weapons and maintaining an environment, making it a highly cost-effective solution for the armed forces.

Safe environment to learn in

Simulation-based learning also offers trainees a controlled and safe environment in which to learn how to operate dangerous vehicles and weapons, giving them the experience and confidence they require to perform effectively when faced with the real thing.

Highly immersive experience

Specialist simulation environments like those created here at Antycip are made using the highest quality graphics and rendering. They also integrate highly realistic environmental effects to create a completely immersive training environment. Everything including water effects, weather conditions, shadows and lighting are used to ensure trainees gain experience working in the same challenging and changeable environments they will face on a day-to-day basis on the job.

Experience a variety of environments and scenarios

Simulators can be manipulated to create unique environments and scenarios for different training sessions in the armed forces. Vehicles, tanks, and characters will interact with weather conditions and terrain within the simulation in a way that is true-to-life. This equips trainees in the armed forces with some knowledge of what it’s like to work in a whole host of different conditions that they may otherwise have never experienced had they been training in real life.

Progress can be measured objectively

Using simulation software for training allows for objective measurement of each individual’s progress over time. The simulator software will record each trainee’s every move and decision as well as vital stats which can be tracked on an ongoing basis. Whether you’re looking for vehicle, battlefield or command centre simulators, here at Antycip we can create highly realistic and bespoke software solutions to suit your specific requirements. To find out more or to discuss your requirements don’t hesitate to get in touch to speak with one of our experts.


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