VR for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction with Barco

June 25, 2020

In this first Tech Talk, Barco, Professional Display Technology provider, will be joining us to take you through the journey of VR in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction.

During this Tech Talk, you will learn about virtual reality (VR) concepts and solutions for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction sector:

  • The current trends in AEC
  • Use cases and challenges faced:
    • How to work in a collaborative way
    • How to easily share 2D and 3D contents with barco’s Group VR solutions
    • How to speed up the design and review process
  • Technology as enabler: A new collaborative approach
  • Solutions for design and review: Walk through a virtual Canvas demonstration
  • Dive deeper into VR with the Q&A session



Kris Wullaert, Product Manager @ Barco :

  • Engineering background
  • Married and father of 2 beautiful daughters
  • Started @ Barco in 2000
  • More than 10 years experience in designing visual display solutions for Simulation/Training and (Group) Virtual Reality
  • Today responsible for the Product & Solutions portfolio within the Virtual Reality Experience @ Barco
  • Managing a team of solution architects who are designing customer tailored solutions

Koen Werbrouck, Program & Business Development Manager @ Barco:

  • Engineering background
  • Started @ Barco in 2001
  • Holding various positions in the Group VR (14y) and LED (5y) business of Barco
  • Responsible as Program and Business Development Manager to validate new VR concepts with the market and push the growth of group VR in the AEC market.

John Mould, Commercial Development Manager at ST Engineering Antycip

  • More than 20 years working at ST Engineering Antycip
  • Focus on providing solutions for immersive projection and display technologies



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