Our partner CM Labs is launching The Dozer Simulation Training Pack

The Dozer Simulator Training Pack by CM Labs provides trainees with the unique tactile sensation of pushing soil and aggregate materials. Trainees can now learn by feel for both heavy excavation and fine grading in a risk-free environment. This much improves the reality of simulation training and encourages the development of operator accuracy and efficiency. The training pack includes a progressive learning programme, with exercises designed to gradually build precision and confidence, and the detailed simulation includes: • Hydraulics system and transmission
• Fully functional 6-way blade
• Dozer tracks that can even slip based on operator behaviour
• Halogen lights for night-time operations This programme provides trainers with objective insight into performance and abilities based on key metrics such as: • Cycle time
• Idle time and fuel consumption
• Blade efficiency
• Track spin
• Contact with power lines, personnel, or vehicles To learn more about this new product, visit our partner’s website


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