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Our sister company, MAK Technologies, has announced the Summer 2020 release of MAK ONE, a whole-world synthetic environment simulation platform.

The latest release to the MAK ONE suite, which includes VR-Forces, VR-Engage, VR-Vantage, and VR-Link, incorporates new capabilities and features that enable users to model, simulate and visualise the world from their own unique perspective.

MAK ONE features rich libraries of models, behaviors, and environmental effects, allowing users to model, simulate, and visualise the most realistic scenarios. Trainees will relish the simulation rendered in high-resolution, accurate detail, both visually and through imaging sensors, while instructors will value the ease of creating rich scenarios to fill the environment with human characters, vehicle models, and computer-generated behaviors.

Developers will benefit from the flexibility of application programming interfaces (APIs) to plug in their custom models and behaviors, while system engineers will appreciate controls over the environment that enable the design of new system prototypes.

"Whether you fly jets, participate in collective training of ground forces, or surveil the oceans, MAK ONE has capabilities and new features that make the virtual world just right, from your perspective. This release has more new capabilities than any previous release of MAK products, and includes new capabilities that our customers have asked for, and more that we know they will need and enjoy,” said Jim Kogler, Vice President of Products, MAK Technologies.

"The enhanced capabilities of MAK ONE enable our customers to provide better, faster, and more realistic training applications to support our warfighters, and demonstrates our continued dedication to create leading-edge products that push the limits of simulation technology and exceed our customers’ expectations,” said Bill Cole, President and CEO of MAK Technologies.

MAK Technologies and ST Engineering Antycip have been working together for decades now, always meeting customers expectations with state-of-the art, custom solutions.

Industry giants have put their trust in both companies such as Thales, which was provided with High Level Architecture (HLA) Evolved and HLA 1.3 compatibility to their range of simulations for training, experimentation, and demonstration. Not to mention MAK Technologies and ST Engineering Antycip's latest project, an amazing collaboration, with Boeing in order to provide Core Technology for the Defense Operational raining capability (air) Core System and Services Contract.

This new milestone will push MAK Technologies and ST Engineering Antycip to the next level, allowing them to explore more complex situations by enhancing training capabilities, giving users an even more immersive experience.

As part of the product release, MAK will be hosting multiple online symposiums in July titled: “MAK ONE – Simulate the World from YOUR Perspective”. The symposiums will present MAK ONE from a different perspective, focusing on its capabilities in the air, on ground, and at sea. Each hourly session will contain new materials which will be delivered via an interactive mix of presentations, demonstrations, and Q&As.

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