New Options and Enhanced Features to Meet the Needs of our Global Customers

Culver City, CA (July 23, 2020) -- SCALABLE Network Technologies, Inc. (SCALABLE), a leader in wireless network design and optimization products, announced today the availability of EXata 7.2.1, featuring our latest product innovation, EXata Lite an extension of our EXata developer license. This low cost, easy to use, offering enables analysts to test, evaluate, and optimize scenarios created with the developer license. EXata Lite also permits multiple analysts to access the scenarios simultaneously, regardless of geographical location and continues our vision of providing users with a complete network simulation eco-system.

In addition, the EXata 7.2.1 release adds new functionality for interacting with and obtaining valuable information from running scenarios. This version includes additional features for importing of Solar Winds and XML files, which can be used to import scenarios created with other simulation tools, including the OPNET Modeler.

"SCALABLE continues to focus on the needs of our global customers. Our latest release is based on their requests to support multiple analysts to work on different scenarios, regardless of physical location,” stated Jeff Weaver, VP of Engineering. “We are committed to providing innovative, cost-effective solutions as the needs emerge.” New or Enhanced Functionality - The EXata 7.2.1 release contains the following new features.

EXata Lite

• Matched full developer license user creates scenarios and can optionally specify run-time parameters by associated EXata Lite users. • Analysts using EXata Lite can view entire scenario and change allowed parameters, execute multiple runs and compare results. • EXata Lite includes the same libraries as the associated developer installation, including external interfaces (e.g. federations with other simulators) if licensed. • Simplified user interface allows multiple what-if scenarios to be run and analyzed by personnel focused on operational activities without needing extensive networking and EXata software background • Parallel runtime coordinates multiple low cost EXata Lite run enabling faster results for multiple what-if analyses

EXata Inspector

• EXata Inspector is an EXata scenario debugging and analysis tool that allows the user to replicate common internet tools (netstat, traceroute, ping, etc.) from a running simulation • EXata Inspector operates as a zero install, web-based client providing searchable information on subnets, nodes, interfaces, external interfaces, mappings and channels


EXata 7.2.1 network design and optimization tools are available now. They are supported on Microsoft Windows 10, RHEL/CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. The upgrades are available free of charge to all customers covered under a current software maintenance agreement via their online download page.

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