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VT MAK announce the release of VR-Vantage 2.4.

This is a major feature release that introduces some significant improvements to VR-Vantage. The rendering performance of OpenFlight and MetaFlight terrains have been enhanced. Terrains built by offline tools now take advantage of rendering techniques – Indirect Rendering, Bindless Textures, and advanced Occlusion Culling – that were previously only used in procedurally-generated terrains. These main architectural changes to VR-Vantage, do not significantly alter the VR-Vantage API and configuration, so the upgrade process will be straight-forward. In addition to the improvements above, VT MAK also added:Destructible Terrain with Indirect Rendering – Buildings with switch nodes can now get the same speed-up as any other model by using Indirect Rendering. This means that dynamic content no longer limits performance in large terrains. • Improved Image/Detail Blending – VR-Vantage can now be configured to smoothly transition from real imagery in the distance to high-resolution land-use-based textures close to the camera. • DI-Guys in Vehicles – Too often 3D models are built without humans in them. VR-Vantage can now automatically render DI-Guy characters in the driver/pilot seat without simulating an embarked entity on the network. This change leads to much more realistic immersive scenes with high detail characters. • CIGI Control of Articulated Parts for Humans – You can now directly drive the DI-Guy characters to mimic the person’s motions in real time. This feature brings high fidelity, fine grain control of human characters by external data sources to VR-Vantage for impressive immersive scenes. • Improvements to Sound System API – We have overhauled the API used to control and produce sound in VR-Vantage to make it easier to extend to meet program needs. • H265 Video Streaming – VR-Vantage can now generate streaming H265 video using on-board GPU hardware to drive high performance and high pixel count displays. VT MAK is also providing a new Data Package, also compatible with VR-Vantage 2.3.x and VR-Forces 4.6.x. Customers using VR-Forces can reinstall VR-Forces with this data build to gain access to the new terrain and model improvements. However, for customers not wishing to upgrade VR-Forces data, VR-Forces 4.6.x will continue to function well with VR-Vantage and the new data. Find out more on Mak website.


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