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VT MAK offers a complete line of software to address your simulation challenges. Whether you’re developing a simple simulation scenario or dealing with complex program requirements, the products are easy to use and scale to meet the full range of simulation needs. VT MAK develops software for realistic distributed simulation. Leveraging on Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) Software, MAK modelling & simulation software helps customers to build and populate compelling 3D simulated environments in which to train, experiment, and demonstrate. These capabilities make VT MAK modelling and simulation products a cost-effective solution for training, planning, analysing, experimenting, prototyping, and demonstrating in various scenarios, such as in the aerospace, defence, and transportation industries and also in command and control, homeland security, and even in space.

MAK ONE – The Flexible, Modular, Agile, Interoperable, Scalable, Fully Customisable and Extensible, Cloud-ready Simulation Platform for All Domains

Link – VR-Link, VR-Exchange, MAK RTI, MAK Data Logger, MAK WebVLC Server, MAK FOM Editor Simulate – VR-Forces, VR-Engage Visualize – VR-Vantage Stealth, VR-Vantage IG, VR-Vantage PVD, VR-Vantage Toolkit Terrain – MAK Earth, VR-TheWorld Server

Link - Simulation Interoperability & Infrastructure Products Linking Your Distributed Simulations

MAK’s foundation is in simulation network interoperability. The powerful software toolkits allow you to connect every simulation with powerful and flexible interoperability tools. MAK help to ensure that your applications are compliant with industry standard interoperability protocols. MAK’s VR-Link allows you to network together simulators and other virtual reality applications that use the industry standard High-Level Architecture (HLA) or the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) protocols. The MAK High Performance RTI is a proven solution that enables HLA federations to rapidly and efficiently communicate. • HLA-DIS Simulation Networking – VR-Link • HLA Run Time Infrastructure – MAK RTI • Protocol Translation & Bridging – VR-Exchange • Simulation Recording & Replay – MAK Data Logger • Web Connectivity & Web Apps – MAK WebLVC Server • Create and Edit Federation Object Model – MAK FOM Editor

Simulate - Complete Simulation Solutions for Generating Scenarios

MAK provides a complete scenario generation & first-person simulation solution – a powerful and flexible environment for generating and running urban, battlefield, and airspace scenarios. The flexible VR-Forces is a powerful and flexible Computer Generated Forces (CGF) platform that lets you integrate synthetic environments with urban, battlefield, maritime, and airspace activity. The VR-Engage is a multi-role virtual simulator that lets users play the role of a first-person human character, a ground vehicle driver, gunner or commander, or the pilot of a fixed wing aircraft or helicopter. VR-Forces and VR-Engage come with thousands of people and platform models representing over 150 countries from around the world. • Multi-Role Virtual Simulator – VR-Engage • CGF & Simulator Development – VR-Forces

Visualize - The Complete Visual Solution

MAK’s visualization suite lets you visualize your modelling and simulation environment from multiple perspectives. These perspectives range from realistic scenes for out-the-window or sensor views for man-in-the-loop training devices, to 3D informational views and tactical map displays for planning and situational awareness, and also to exaggerated reality views for visual analysis. • Realistic Visual and Sensor Image Generation– VR-Vantage IG • 3D Simulation Visualization – VR-Vantage Stealth • Tactical Map Display – VR-Vantage PVD • Physically Accurate Sensor Image Generation – SensorFX • Synthetic Aperture Radar Simulation – RadarFX • Human Character Visualization – DI-Guy

Terrain - Streaming Terrain and Terrain Agility for Your Simulations

MAK works with industry partners to help customers find a terrain solution that meets their needs. MAK do this in a variety of ways, from hand-modelled terrain built with polygon modelling tools to large area terrain databases built with database generation tools. MAK products are terrain agile, which means that they can load the terrain databases you already have in formats such as CDB, OpenFlight/MetaFlight, and many more. • Whole Earth Procedural Terrain – MAK Earth • Streaming Terrain Server – VR-TheWorld Server • GIS Enabled Modelling & Simulation – GEMS Contact us to find out more about VT MAK's simulation software.


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