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Projection partner Barco recently announced the launch of its Dual Eyepoint capability on the UDX4K series projector: the next big step in VR collaboration

Dual Eye Point technology gives two individuals the capability to view the perfect 3D image with respect to their position, in a VR cave or power wall configuration, by tracking their respective 3D-glasses. This means that two people can perfectly assess a virtual model at the same time, each with an individual point of view How does it work? A single Barco UDX projector shows images of 4K resolution at 120 Hz. This can be divided into two WQXGA images of 120 Hz. Using active shutter glasses, these two images can be completely separated. The result is that two people can see totally different images on the same screen, with a single projector. Taking this technology into a VR context, it solves the problem of many collaborating teams; traditionally only one team member’s 3D-glasses are tracked, therefore only one person sees the optimal image with respect to their actual position. Dual Eye Point technology allows two sets of 3D-glasses to be tracked simultaneously and independently, enabling the showing of optimal images to two people at the same time. In this way, they can collaborate more effectively. Alternatively, two completely different teams can use the same setup to evaluate their respective projects, as two distinct images are shown on the same screen, at the same time, with each only being visible to one team. The possibilities are virtually limitless. Find out more on our partner’s website


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