Antycip started way back in 1996 selling COTS software into the French defence industry.

Twenty one years later, we have grown our portfolio of products, services and the markets that we serve. So, it was time to update our look and feel to better represent these changes. Our new logo is based on customer and partner research, and reflects how we are regarded. It introduces the Antycip propeller, which represents our business; we work in a three way partnership with our customers, our partners and ourselves; we use PCs and projectors, which use fans to cool them; we have a foundation in the aircraft market, which uses turbo fans and propellers; and our customers value us as we help propel them forward in what they do. Finally, we were known as the company with the funny "red Y" in our logo, and the propeller echoes this heritage. All of us at Antycip are very proud of our new logo, and what it says about us. We hope you like it too.


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