Between Art and Science: Introducing "ATOM"


Yann Nguema counted on the mathematical precision of ST Engineering Antycip for the hardware behind his stereoscopic celebration of the fourth dimension, ATOM.

Paris (France), 24th October 2023 – ST Engineering Antycip, a leading European provider of immersive visualisation solutions, created the bespoke, portable 3D CAVE under the skin of a mind-boggling new artwork, ATOM, just unveiled in Rennes, Britanny.

A co-production with Rennes’ Champs Libres museum, with technical support from researchers at the Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) in Grenoble, ATOM is part of a series of ten works created by acclaimed digital artist and musician Yann Nguema for the exhibition PRISM. Specially designed for immersive stereoscopic spaces, ATOM sees Nguema taking advantage of the “unprecedented creative possibilities” offered by the CAVE format to explore the “beauty and poetry” of 4D polytopes – complex geometrical objects that would be impossible to represent properly on a standard monoscopic (2D) screen,



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