Oxford Brookes University students have been supplied with latest in VR CAVE technology, taking the learning and creativity to another level.

Paris (France), 1 September 2022 – Having previously provided a multitude of VR CAVEs (Cave Automatic Virtual Environments) to different academic sites across Europe, ST Engineering Antycip, Europe’s leading provider of virtual reality solutions, has delivered for its long-standing partner, Oxford Brookes University.

The brief from the university was to enhance the School’s advanced, industry-standard research and teaching facilities in engineering and computing using virtual technology. Thanks to a long-term relationship between the university and ST Engineering Antycip, Joe Tah, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment at Oxford Brookes University, went on to pursue a collaborative project that offered an educational and immersive VR CAVE setting to its students.

This virtual environment comprises two modes of operation; ‘Unique mode‘, whereby only the primary user’s vision is tracked and dynamically corrected to their eyes, and ‘Multiviewer mode’, which allows two people to be tracked and each see a different perspective-corrected image when wearing the corresponding 3D glasses.


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