ST Engineering Antycip creates custom visual system for therapy treatment


Europe’s leading provider of virtual reality solutions, ST Engineering Antycip, has applied its simulation display expertise towards a revolutionary new treatment supporting people with autism and those who suffer with restricting phobias or anxieties.


Paris (France), 7 April 2022 – ST Engineering Antycip has created a custom designed 180˚ cylindrical screen surface, complete with supporting mechanics, to deliver visual content to patients undergoing therapy treatment provided by UK based, XR Therapeutics.

XR Therapeutics’ unique treatment programme is based on over nine years of research in immersive therapies led by Newcastle University. Within a CAVE setting, a trained therapist administers traditional CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) techniques combined with gradual immersive exposure conducted with the aid of VR technologies.

A rigid cylindrical screen system enclosed in a proprietary surrounding structure has been installed at the XRT offices in Gateshead - the entire mechanical sub-structure comes in component parts, allowing the screen display solution to be transport and easily assembled onsite.


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