VR Rooms

Antycip Hutchinson VR Cave

Antycip recently delivered two immersive VR rooms for Hutchinson’s Innovation & Research Centre, a world-leading automotive supplier.


Today, the company designs a large range of solutions for the automotive, industrial, aeronautical and aerospace sectors with products ranging from water tightness such as car joints to systems controlling noises and vibrations.


In order to develop its prototyping activity, Hutchinson called upon Antycip to deliver a four-sided immersive CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) to allow the manufacturer to work in a virtual environment and manipulate 3D objects. Equipped with a joystick and 3D glasses, the operator can enter the virtual space thanks to infrared tracking cameras, walk around a 3D model, move it around and interact with it to study it from all angles.

Jean-Yves Lachartre, IT manager in the Research & Innovation Centre at Hutchinson, comments:


These rooms are made available to our colleagues and clients to collaboratively work on various projects and to help with the design of new products. The VR and 3D simulation capabilities allow for a far more realistic working approach compared to classic presentation rooms.


The rooms have already been used for thousands of hours by engineers and designers, who are harnessing the capabilities of the facility to aid their work on the products of tomorrow.


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