driving simulation at the hub Adderbury

Driving simulators are widely used around the world. Unlike flight simulators that are mainly developed for pilot training, driving simulators support much more than driver training.


Advanced driving simulators today are a cost-effective tool used by engineers and researchers in vehicle design, to evaluate ergonomics or new advanced driver assistance systems.


They also provide a safe environment for testing and human factors studies, to monitor driver performance, attention and behaviours, for example when under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and severe weather conditions.


Most of the time, a driving simulator consists of a dome or curved display on top of a platform or vehicle.
The 360-degree visual displays and high-fidelity audio systems complete this fully immersive driving experience made possible with a large number or fitted projectors.


The simulation is so real that the measurements obtained can help predict equivalent measurements in the real world without the driver being endangered.


Having provided multiple projector solutions for leading vehicle manufacturers and automotive sports teams we have the necessary knowledge of vehicle modelling, image generation and design process that you need.


Solutions we have provided range from compact driver-in-the-loop (DIL) simulator for limited budgets to the complete DIL vehicle simulators offering the highest possible level of immersion with 6-DOF (or more) motion system, dome, circular displays and the integration of the car components with the real interface of actual vehicles.


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