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Modelling and Simulation Expertise

The Open Cooperation for European mAritime awareNess, or OCEAN 2020, is the largest European Union-funded defence research project within the union’s Preparatory Action on Defence Research (PADR).

The €35 million project demonstrated how new and existing technologies could work in harmony to enhance situational awareness in maritime environments.

ST Engineering Antycip’s modelling and simulation expertise played a crucial role throughout the project by providing technical support on network simulation, scenario generation and 3D visualisation.

Ivan Iorini Zeffirini, senior programme manager at ST Engineering Antycip, cites the key objectives of the simulated trials:

  • De‐risking: Assessment of the manned and unmanned system platforms ahead of the Mediterranean and Baltic Sea live trials
  • Complementing: Analysis of systems’ resilience under severe environmental conditions and the involvement of multiple assets
  • Integration: Evaluation of new technologies enhancement as advanced data/video processing and swarm algorithms.

OCEAN 2020 has since been hailed a success by the European Defence Agency (EDA) and European Commission, with the project expected to demonstrate the potential of EU-funded research for defence applications, as well as boosting EU industrial capacity in military unmanned systems.


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