immersive therapy programme

Helping autism through immersive therapy

ST Engineering Antycip created a ground-breaking custom designed 180˚ cylindrical screen surface, complete with supporting mechanics, to deliver visual content to patients undergoing therapy treatment provided by UK based, XR Therapeutics.

XR Therapeutics had come to us due to, not only our ability to build a system to their exact requirements, but also the experienced engineering services we provide that can deliver solutions wherever their business grows.

This revolutionary immersive solution allows trained therapists to administer traditional CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) techniques combined with gradual immersive exposure conducted with the aid of VR technologies.

With proven success helping children and adults with autism, XR Therapeutics’ aim is to roll out this programme to the rest of the UK population, providing fully immersive VR environments to gently expose patients to the subject of their fear, which can be anything from fears related to transportation, crowds, arachnophobia, canines and general social anxieties.

The therapist has real-time control over the content displayed to gradually introduce aspects of their phobia at a comfortable pace for the patient, via a tablet.