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Multi-user 3D Projection System

Projection System for Academic Research

ST Engineering Antycip delivers true digital collaboration for the University of Liverpool

ST Engineering Antycip partnered with Digital Projection and integrator Target3D to equip the new Digital Innovation Facility with a cutting edge, multi-user 3D projection system.

The Digital Innovation Facility at the University of Liverpool is a new home for academic research into emerging technologies such as autonomous systems, robotics, data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Commercial development manager for ST Engineering Antycip John Mould says he is “genuinely excited by the possibilities this type of new technology brings us, as it injects new opportunities for many different markets.”

“You could conceivably use the same display real estate for multiple different applications, increasing productivity, or to enable new experiences, such as creating three virtual prototypes or designs which you could switch between as simply as the time taken to swap over the glasses between engineers.”

“For entertainment and education,” he adds, “you could create virtual fly-throughs of an existing location but generate three different data sets, each separated by time, and the audience could choose the glasses to instantly see the past, present or to enter the possible future – yet all of these experiences would be delivered to the display surface simultaneously.”


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