multiviewer VR CAVE at Oxford Brookes University

ST Engineering Antycip boosts immersive education with multiviewer VR CAVE


ST Engineering Antycip delivered a VR CAVE solution to long-standing partner, Oxford Brookes University, to enhance the School’s advanced, industry-standard research and teaching facilities in engineering and computing.

The CAVE itself is the UK’s first multiviewer stereoscopic VR CAVE system in operation today. It comprises of two operational modes; ‘Unique mode‘, whereby only the primary user’s vision is tracked and dynamically corrected to their eyes, and ‘Multiviewer mode’, which allows two people to be tracked and each see a different perspective-corrected image when wearing the corresponding 3D glasses.

The VR CAVE utilises hardware and software from partners Barco and Techviz and is capable of delivering high resolution visuals at 2560 x 1600 pixels per face, offering 3840 x 2400 pixels at 120Hz.

Vicon tracking cameras and two wireless navigation devices support the simultaneous tracked dual perspectives, making this CAVE a step up from the restrictions of the past where only one person could be afforded their corrected view.