In-flight refuelling simulator

Airbus Refuelling Simulator

Airbus Refuel With ST Engineering Antycip Technology

ST Engineering Antycip has completed a visual upgrade to the Airbus Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) air-to-air-refuelling simulator in Madrid.

Although the existing system, which was developed by Airbus, already had five visual channels (two of which were in 3D), the goal for the team from ST Engineering Antycip was to update and develop the content in order to create ‘more realistic’ image quality.

As is the case when training individuals for any such intricate and high-risk work, the level of realism that a military simulator and its software can provide is key.

The team used flight models to ensure that the various in-flight formation changes and aircraft movements were accurate, as well as developing the interface so that the simulator could communicate with the software to change the way certain things look in the visualisation.

Visual upgrade to boost realism

“The simulator is needed for training our air-to-air refuelling operators and mission operators,” said Jesus Lapastora, Airbus Defence and Space, MRTT/M&L simulation team leader. “These kinds of operations are potentially dangerous and very complex, involving multiple aircraft, so we need to train our operators as thoroughly as possible. We are incredibly satisfied with the result, and because of that, other customers are now interested. I am so happy with the result of ST Engineering Antycip’s work on this project, and in fact, they are already assisting us with a new generation of our Smart Tanker simulation, which includes thermal cameras and automatic air-to-air refuelling operations.”


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