TRAINING FOR THE CYBERATTACKS OF TOMORROW Is it possible to stay out of the Cybersecurity headlines?

Download your free ebook Computer and communication networks are critical for commercial and defence enterprises. But accompanying this lightning speed digitisation and migration to the cloud is the very real risk of cyber attacks – pushing cyber security defence to the top of the agenda for every kind of organisation. Cyberattacks are on the increase – and as they become more sophisticated, the consequences can be catastrophic for an organisation. Building cyber resilience through training is therefore key, leveraging all the tools available which enable users to optimise the network, systems and applications performance and the physical structure to mitigate risks. In this tech brief, we will:
  • Examine the state of play when it comes to cyberattacks;
  • Look at the impact and implications of the resulting cybersecurity breaches
  • Explore the advances in training technologies which can help pre-empt and thwart attacks, posing the key question - what can and should be done to protect your organisation from the ever-increasing threat and keep it out of the cybersecurity headlines?
  • Find out more about the cyber solutions by our partner Scalable Network
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