Europe’s leading provider of Virtual Reality solutions, Visual Displays, Simulation tools and Engineering Services


Europe’s leading provider of Virtual Reality solutions, Visual Displays, Simulation tools and Engineering Services










Our company mission is to exceed expectations

ST Engineering Antycip is a  European company founded in 1996.


A multi award-winning team of passionate experts. Pioneer and leader in Simulation, Display & Virtual Reality Solutions, COTS technology, Analysis and Modelling working with outstanding partners.


We deliver bespoke projects using the most advanced technologies. Enabling our customers in various sectors to be better prepared today, ready for the challenges of tomorrow!



The dynamism of an open and collaborative project ethos brought positive exposure along with exciting prospects for future opportunities.

Alex Rowan-SmithEngineer, Nova Systems International

We're very satisfied with the solution delivered by ST Engineering Antycip. We look forward to enhancing it future with more advanced projectors in time.

Penny DayProject Delivery Manager, XR Therapeutics

The excellent support from Riccardo and his team at Antycip was a key factor for our decision to select the MAK products for our mission debrief training programme.

Markus PleySystem Development and Integration. IABG

We selected ST Engineering Antycip because their technical offer met all of our requirements within the budget we had set. We are fully satisfied with the work done by ST Engineering Antycip, and the result exceeded our expectations.

Gregory BoninResearch Engineer, ONERA

We are incredibly satisfied with the result, and because of that, other customers are now interested. I am so happy with the result of ST Engineering Antycip’s work on this project, and in fact, they are already assisting us with a new generation of our Smart Tanker simulation, which includes thermal cameras and automatic air-to-air refuelling operations.

Jesus LapastoraAirbus Defence and Space, MRTT/M&L simulation team leader

The installation is very stable and has allowed us to carry out hundreds of hours of experiments. We greatly look forward to continuing to work with ST Engineering Antycip as we push our world-leading research into the effect of environmental factors on building occupants forward, helping to make buildings safer and better place to live and work. Thank you ST Engineering Antycip!”

Dr Jon SladeExperimental Officer VSimulators, University of Bath

We’d already heard lots of good things about ST Engineering Antycip through our colleagues in other institutions as well as the supplier of our driving sim software. They stood out from their competitors in the marketplace with their long track record of good services and high level of professionalism.

Professor Phil MorganArtificial Intelligence, Robotics and Human-Machine Systems (IROHMS), director of research.

The simulator really helps the operator to become familiar with difficult scenarios in a risk-free way. We’ll see massive benefits in terms of avoiding potential incidents, and an improvement in each operator’s ability.

Francois SwanepoelBylor lifting lead




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