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The challenge for vocational training schools offering heavy equipment training is to provide students and apprentices with real world experience that is safe, rapid and convenient.

Where training institutions would traditionally rely on real equipment to deliver practical training, the new generation of heavy equipment simulators for operator training in construction, mining, and material handling enables lifelike learning that is cost-effective and classroom-based.

The construction equipment training simulators such as Vortex Edge Plus, Vortex Advantage and Vortex Edge Max by our partner CM Labs provides accessible, affordable and realistic simulation-based training tools to the operators. This plug-and-play training platform is scalable to every training budget and need, making it ideal for vocational training schools, colleges and other organisations. They will be showcased for the first time in our offices in the UK, France, and Italy.

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Portable Simulators for Classroom Training

Training on heavy equipment such as tower crane, wheel loader or excavator requires a good degree of preparation for trainees to familiarise themselves with the controls and the machine.

This means plenty of seat time, which can be hard to provide solely with real equipment.

For training institutions, it is also a question of making expensive resources more readily available.

Construction equipment training simulators such as Vortex training simulators offer these benefits to vocational training colleges:

  • Prioritising safety – classroom training using lifelike equipment and work site simulation can help prepare operators for potentially hazardous real-world situations, while allowing them to train in a completely safe environment.
  • 24/7 availablity – portable simulators are easy to set up in a broad range of locations, no matter the weather, improving trainee access, and giving users the opportunity to train all year long.
  • Faster training – construction equipment simulation training can speed up the whole training process. Simulators offer flexibility of access, and they provide fully immersive, self-learning experiences producing better prepared operators.
  • Reduced training costs – without sole reliance on real equipment and operator time, you can see significant cost benefits when using simulators. You are also reducing the impact to the environment by cutting down drastically on vehicle maintenance and fuel costs.
  • Objective assessment – Simulators track all operating metrics in real-time during training exercises. It also provides a complete report at the end of each session, allowing trainers to objectively assess operators for future training needs.

Adaptable Training Solutions

The Vortex series of simulators provides affordable and professional-grade simulation training for vocational schools, colleges and institutions.

Vortex Simulators for Classroom Training

    • Vortex Edge Plus is a desktop simulation package, which is highly adaptable for different locations and classroom layouts. Using this configuration, users can train pretty much anywhere.

CM Labs Vortex Edge Max Simulators for Classroom Training

    • Vortex Edge Max is an entry-level, stripped-down design of motion simulator, designed to give vocational centres excellent simulation capability for complete Heavy Equipment Operator (HEO) training.

Vortex simulator

  • Vortex Advantage is a scalable, immersive, all-in-one operator training simulator with one, three, or five screens to fit your training programs.

Besides, CM Labs provides a full fleet of lifting and earthmoving simulator training packs that help training school train safer and more efficient operators:

• Crawler crane
• Boom truck
• Mobile crane
• Tower crane
• Excavator
• Wheel loader
• Forklift
• Backhoe loader
• Motor grader
• Dozer

All simulator training packs incorporate Smart Training Technology™. This makes CM Labs’ simulation-based training an ideal solution for any stage of the workforce management cycle, from assessing new trainees to up-skilling experienced operators.

Smart Training Technology makes objective assessment easier and skills acquisition faster. It also makes our simulation a powerful tool for safety training. As a result, this realistic simulations allow trainees to operate in challenging environments where they can explore the capacity and limits of the equipment, and safely experience scenarios that are potentially life-altering in the real world.

These are professional-grade simulators which act as an essential bridge between classroom training and actual worksite experience.

The simulators help to familiarise trainees with health and safety training in construction, while giving them a solid grounding in practical operator skills.

Simulation-based training tools also have the potential to boost the reputation of learning establishments offering construction courses, helping to attract trainees to an industry that is suffering a skills shortage.

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