Vortex Advantage Construction Equipment Operator Training Simulators


Developed with operators, trainers and simulation experts, the Vortex crane operator simulators, from CM Labs, offer a range of construction equipment training simulators to help train heavy equipment operators.

With these heavy equipment training simulators, essential skills are developed, and experience gained, leading to increased safety, faster operations, and reduced training costs with the real equipment.


From crowded city sites to the open countryside, a wide range of machines and training exercises for construction operators simulate;

Mobile cranes (both truck and crawler)
Tower cranes
Concrete pumps
Earth movers and excavators
Concrete placements
Pile-driving, clamming, drag-lining

Construction Equipment Operator Training Simulators
Construction Equipment Operator Training Simulators for signaller


Unique team-player simulation technology allows users to train the entire operations team in rigorous real-life exercises.

All operations team members must work together – for crane operations this means the operator, slinger and banksman (signaller) – to complete the training. If one fails, the team fails.

Vortex classroom-based simulation learning provides multiple stations for all team members and crane operators to learn correct procedures, best practices and teamwork – just like on the real job.


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With simulation-based training, construction businesses are lowering the risk of damage, injuries, and fatalities. And before training even begins, construction crane operator simulators and heavy equipment simulators can be used to screen trainees and make sure they have the coordination and skills to perform.

benefits of simulation training for heavy equipment operators


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