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The cost of making just a tiny mistake when operating a space satellite mission can be in the hundreds of millions of Euros, so it’s of paramount importance that the correct planning is carried out beforehand.

When planning such a technical and complex mission, only the most advanced and trustworthy tools will do the job. AGI’s STK, space operations simulation and modelling software has been built by world class engineers and is used by the world’s leading geo satellite operators for designing, planning and operating satellite missions.


This space operations and modelling software can help you to prepare for and run a successful space mission every step of the way.

From planning, modelling launches all the way up to in orbit satellite operation, this complete software solution gives you the tools, accuracy and peace of mind that you need to make your mission a success.

Cubesat constellation simulation


For the complete joined up approach, STK’s in-depth selection of space tools for designing, planning and visualisation of geo satellite systems and missions can also be used to support the operation of your mission. Space simulation tools include:

  • Orbit Determination Toolkit – which is used to provide orbit analysis support for the lifecycle of a geo satellite and its tracking system.
  • Conjunction Analysis Tool – used to determine time windows in which the launch of an object into space is affected by the proximity of another orbiting object.
  • Space Environment and Effects Tools – evaluates the effects of the space environment on a spacecraft. This is now more critical than ever due to the high levels of debris that is now in orbit


Satellite orbit simulation software plays a key part in the complex planning, designing and testing that is required for a space mission.
STK can be used for configuring spacecraft components, planning targeting operations and emulating flight software using real-time commanding and telemetry, making it the perfect tool for training and preparing for a mission.

STK simulation software can also be used for satellite orbit and constellation modelling, analysing and visualising complex systems with dynamic datasets in 4D, power and fuel budgeting, manoeuvre planning and more.


STK space simulation software will equip you with the knowledge, accuracy, experience and technology necessary to carry out successful space missions with peace of mind and confidence.

Built by world class engineers, you can rest assured that the technical detail and accuracy of the satellite simulation software is second to none.


Drawing on over twenty years of expertise, we can design, source and install anywhere your project needs us to.

Our work has taken us across the globe, with projects as far away as Australia and as close to home as our neighbours.

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