Digital projection multiview for VR Collaboration


VR teleconferencing enables 3D real-time collaboration between co-workers in different locations, working on any 3D application (Solidworks, Navisworks, Creo, Catia…)  and on any immersive system (Immersive Room, VR Cave, HMD, Powerwall…).


Teamwork is crucial and has become a challenge for global firms whose departments or subsidiaries are spread all over the world. Using virtual reality collaborative fuctionalities, you can gather all the stakeholders of your project in the same VR workspace and display your virtual prototype at scale 1 to detect design errors earlier and create a product that better matches your expectations. Immersed in their own 3D system, users and teams from different locations will see each other, visualize and work on the same 3D model, in real time.

VR Collaboration on large display


VR solutions are ideal to improve communication between coworkers to pursue decision and validation processes without physical meeting. Such tools can also be used to provide remote training, in real time, at any distance. Teamwork becomes easier within the corporate structure, especially between people working from different locations in the world.


Drawing on over five twenty years of expertise, we can design, source and install anywhere your project needs us to.

Our work has taken us across the globe, with projects as far away as Australia and as close to home as our neighbours.

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