When we invested in our Italian and UK demonstration centres, in 2017, the UK one quickly took on the name of The Hub. It fitted what we were able to do in helping de-risk projects for customers, and it was also the established name of the building, before we moved in, back in 2016. For the Italian demonstration centre, we used the name Italian & DACH regional demonstration centre, which worked but was a tad little on the long side. Italian & DACH regional demonstration centre Wanting something a little easier to use, and a name that, like The Hub, captured the capabilities of the demonstration centre to help customers with their projects, we ran an internal suggestion exercise. From this, we now have a name that expresses what we wanted ; « The Lab » We hope you like the new name and we look forward to helping you with your projects, in The Lab! Find out more about its VR and Simulation capabilities here


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