CM Labs recently announced the release of Vortex Software Solution 6.8, the latest release of its simulation and visualisation platform designed for the creation of simulation-based training solutions and virtual prototypes.

This new release further enhances Vortex’s industry-leading off-highway vehicle simulation with advanced tyre modelling capabilities. Users can now select from a wide range of validated hard and soft ground tyre simulation models, resulting in richer, more natural emergent behaviours. “Vortex is used to simulate a wide range of vehicles that go offroad and operate in challenging environments. This includes construction equipment working on hard-packed ground, military vehicles moving in sand, mud, and any options in-between” said Sebastien Miglio, CM Labs’ VP of Product Management. “With Vortex 6.8, vehicles behave distinctively different when changing ground materials, providing users with the most realistic offroad driving experience possible and making sure they are ready for deployment in the field.” Vortex 6.8 also introduces Vortex Configurations, a feature that optimises the workflow of simulation integrators by enabling the creation of multi-purpose scenarios that can be adapted to individual training session objectives. Vortex Configurations allow the creation of pre-defined environment and equipment states, which can then be activated by teachers at the start of a session to tailor equipment loadouts and worksite layouts. Vortex’s latest release also further improves Vortex’s visualisation engine, with the ability to adapt model and texture resolutions based on object distance, and a new cloud and weather engine. To discover everything new in Vortex Software Solution 6.8, visit the Vortex Studio page on the CM Labs website.


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