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Our sister company VT MAK has announced the release of VR-Engage 1.3. MAK’s VR-Engage multi-role virtual simulator lets you control a first-person human character; or act as the driver, gunner or commander of a ground vehicle; the pilot of an airplane or helicopter; or a sensor operator. VR-Engage 1.3 adds new capabilities, including : - A brand-new Sensor Operator role
This allows you to perform common surveillance and reconnaissance tasks by controlling simulated UAV cameras, gimbaled sensors, targeting pods, and fixed security cameras. - Man-portable missiles :
VR-Engage’s human soldier characters can now carry and deploy shoulder-fired and tripod-mounted man-portable missiles, deploy and retrieve launch tripods, fire missiles from tripods deployed by other characters and steer missiles in flight. - New virtual reality capabilities :
VR-Engage now supports a wide variety of VR devices, including the HTC VIVE, VIVE Pro, Oculus Rift, as well as other devices that support the OpenVR standard.
There is now support for hand controllers for both HTC VIVE and Oculus rift – allowing a user to point and aim the virtual gun by physically moving their hands, while controlling the character’s movement using the devices’ built-in joypads. - Newly introduced Augmented/Mixed Reality Support :
VR-Engage can receive real-time mono or stereo video feeds of the real world around you from forward-facing cameras mounted on a head-mounted display, and can combine real and virtual elements into a unified mixed-reality scene projected onto the HMD’s stereo displays. - Enhanced voice-over-DIS/HLA radios :
VT MAK has enhanced VR-Engage’s built-in voice-communications model and interface (voice over DIS/HLA) - including more flexible configuration of multiple radios and channels, an updated UI, and the ability for an instructor to jam radios directly from the VR-Forces GUI. - New terrain and content capabilities :
VR-Engage 1.3 is built on VR-Forces 4.6.1 and VR-Vantage 2.3.1, so it is able to leverage new terrain, content, and performance improvements that were added in those versions, including support for CDB terrains, advanced procedural terrains techniques, improved performance through the use of Indirect Rendering with Bindless Textures, and increased visual quality. In addition, VR-Engage now comes with several updated ground vehicle models with 3D interiors, new DI-Guy characters, and access to MAK’s latest high-fidelity desert village terrain – based on the “Kilo2” MOUT site at the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base.


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