Touching the future

The partnership brings HaptX's cutting-edge wearable haptic technology to the fingertips of ST Engineering Antycip's European enterprise clientele, delivering a lifelike tactile experience within virtual environments.

Paris (France), 17th October 2023 – ST Engineering Antycip has partnered with HaptX, a US-based manufacturer of wearable technology that enables natural haptic interaction in virtual reality (VR) and robotics.

Based on its patented microfluidics technology, the new HaptX Gloves G1® system combines tactile actuators, a lightweight force-feedback exoskeleton and powerful pneumatic components to replicate the sensation of real-world objects using haptic feedback. Complemented by the Airpack, a lightweight device which generates the airflow key to providing realistic tactile interaction, HaptX Gloves offer enterprise users the industry’s most realistic haptic solution in a flexible, wireless package. The HaptX SDK (software development kit), meanwhile, enables developers to easily implement lifelike touch in their applications, including multi-user functionality.

The new partnership will see ST Engineering Antycip, the leading European provider of simulation, analysis, modelling, display, visualisation and virtual reality solutions, extend HaptX’s reach into western Europe, creating awareness of the company’s technologies through its extensive existing customer base.




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