ST Engineering Antycip and partner CM Labs have ushered in a new era of physics-based simulator training in the construction industry with an unprecedented installation at the National Construction Training Campus at Mount Lucas.

Paris (France), 12th October 2023 – ST Engineering Antycip is playing a pivotal role in Mount Lucas's mission to pave the way for a sustainable, net-zero future in the Republic of Ireland by modernising its training facilities with three state-of-the-art construction simulators.

Nestled near Daingean in County Offaly, Mount Lucas (officially the National Construction Training Campus) is the go-to destination for comprehensive construction-related training and testing services for the public, with a strong emphasis on the future of nearly zero-energy buildings (nZEBs). Functioning as a centre of excellence for retrofitting and nZEB in the Midlands of Ireland, it also serves as the hub for the national Scaffolding Apprenticeship programme, spanning two years, as well as the Skilled Utilities National Construction Training Campus Traineeship.

The groundbreaking installation, featuring three simulators, all developed by ST Engineering Antycip’s long-term partner CM Labs, represents a milestone in the construction training landscape in Ireland, according to John Kelly from Mount Lucas. “The construction industry in Ireland is faced with shortages of skilled labour. Simulation training can help us to bridge this gap by providing a structured and efficient way to train new workers and upskill existing ones,” says Kelly, outlining the benefits of simulation-based training. “Simulation training allows new learners who may not have operated heavy machinery before commencing training with us the opportunity to learn in a completely safe environment, and can help boost diversity by bridging a gap in what would be the typical construction worker demographic in Ireland – i.e. men from an agricultural background.”



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