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Pilot training at HR Wallingford is taken to the next level with two cutting-edge Barco 4K, seven-projector arrays provided by the simulation experts at ST Engineering Antycip.

Paris (France), 22nd November 2022 – ST Engineering Antycip has upgraded the visual display systems of Charlie and Oscar, the state-of-the-art 360° view ship bridge simulators at HR Wallingford’s UK Ship Simulation Centre in Oxfordshire.

HR Wallingford designs smart, resilient solutions across the natural and built environments to help everyone live and work more sustainably with water. Its UK base is home to physical modelling laboratories (which houses, among other facilities, wave basins, a river floodplain modelling area and a tsunami simulation facility), and the UK Ship Simulation Centre.

In addition to the two ship bridge simulators, this also features two state-of-the-art 360° view tug bridge simulators (Victor and Romeo), two portable tug stations (Mike and Lima), and a VTS (vessel traffic services) simulator. Both of the ship bridge simulators comprise a fully functioning bridge surrounded by a 360° simulated field of view.



Download the full press release by clicking below.


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