RAF simulator

The role of today’s Air Force can be divided into five different areas; development, operations and training, information, operational analysis and flying. Air forces need to be flexible and knowledgeable not only when it comes to providing mission support to frontline units, but also in providing accurate mission-dependent data to aid key decision-making.


Highly immersive, flexible and realistic virtual simulation or virtual reality software now plays a critical part in the cost-effective training of individuals for all different aspects of air missions.

RAF simulator


ST Engineering Antycip’s suite of simulation software can be applied to a variety of air mission positions and training requirements including air mission training for aircraft pilots, Joint Terminal Air Controller (JTAC) training and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) operations training.



When training teams of people including aircraft pilots for air missions, simulation environments offer an invaluable, true-to-life experience at a cost-effective price.
The simulation can be populated with any combination of opposing forces, threats, civilians and mission support units according to your training requirements.



Joint Terminal Air Controllers must be able to communicate effectively with pilots to coordinate accurate air strikes. The success of an air mission is in large part dependent on their skill and experience.

Simulation software provides a highly realistic environment for JTACs to practice the procedure for communicating with the pilot, identifying targets, calibrating location and requesting air support to prepare for a variety of complex real-world situations.



UAV/UAS operators can learn to comb an area for a target, make a positive identification, monitor behaviour and interactions, radio in an airstrike and report the outcome using realistic simulation environments and scenarios as generated by their trainer.
Trainers can use the highly flexible simulation software to construct challenging scenarios and training tasks using a virtual ground control centre, mock surveillance data and a content-rich virtual environment to prepare trainees with the knowledge and instincts they need for real-world missions.



Our range of simulation software offers a highly effective training environment for air mission training at different levels and for a variety of roles.
The modern battlefield poses a lot of new challenges and keeping pace with training technology means that trainees can achieve the highest and most realistic level of training to prepare them for real-world missions.

Our suite of air mission simulation software offers a cost-effective solution that provides trainees with a high level of training, to help give them the experience and confidence they need to succeed during real-world air missions. The simulation software that we offer can also be used for collaborative training across different battlefield domains.