French Army


Toulon and Brest, France


Defence Simulator

Marine Simulator Antycip

Antycip played a major role, alongside Naval Group, a world specialist in naval defence, in upgrading two ship defence simulators (SIMDAV) for the Marine Nationale (French Navy), in the naval ports of Toulon and Brest (France).


With these two new simulators, the French Navy can create intervention scenarios in an immersive environment, allowing personnel to train and practice shipboard defence against any kind of threat. The simulators also help evaluate the chain of command, and the response process to interventions, helping ship board personnel, at all levels, to better identify, classify and react appropriately to threats.


Each military simulator provides an immersive solution, allowing defence personnel to train in front of a 270° curved image projected onto a 16m wide dome.


An essential requirement for the defence simulators was to allow users to detect and recognise moving objects (planes, helicopters, ships, etc.) from a large distance. The military simulation also shows infrared and image intensification images, allowing users to also be trained in night time and low light operations.


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