Carrier Landing Simulator

Navies are increasingly turning to simulation technologies to prepare their personnel for the realities of combat. In addition to offering a less expensive alternative to live training, simulation training equipment such as a ship bridge simulator allows the crew to get a feel for the full spectrum of scenarios that they will face. Simulators are also used in ship-to-shore training, training for crane operations and vessel traffic services (VTS).

At ST Engineering Antycip (formerly known as Antycip Simulation), we specialise in the design and installation of Ship Bridge Simulators for navies. We have over 20 years’ experience in providing simulation and modelling solutions to a wide range of clients and industries from automotive to educational institutions, defence and retail sectors.

Carrier Landing Simulator


A ship bridge simulator is a system that simulates ships and maritime environments for training, research and other purposes.


The realism of a ship bridge simulator has a decisive impact on the value to be gained from utilising a virtual environment for training, practising and planning.

Antycip’s naval ship bridge simulators provide training beyond standard ship handling and navigational tasks.



It is no surprise that significant benefits can be obtained by training in an artificial environment using a ship bridge simulator.


  • Reduction in Training Time – Harbouring the ability to place crews directly into any given scenario at a moment’s notice allows for increased training in smaller time frames, resulting in overall higher quality training.
  • Immersive Simulations – Crews can be placed in any situation, place or environment at sea to teach not only awareness but improve their skills and provide them with experience for real life situations.
  • Role Specific Solutions – Our simulation systems can be easily tailored to a variety of naval training applications. You will have the option to choose between either your training package as a single player system or to choose a system for collaborative multiplayer group training- or a mixture of the two.
  • Emergency Training – Simulators allow you to create your own scenarios, capable of teaching crews how to effectively manage any critical event they may encounter in real life in a cost effective and sustainable manner. By improving their spatial awareness and skills in high stress scenarios, the efficiency of ship damage control is increased as well as the increased safety of the crew.
  • New Skills – Being able to learn skills such as navigation, teamwork and most importantly survival in intense and difficult situations can be achieved with the realism of the simulator system.
  • Reduced Costs – The system successfully allows naval crews to undertake a vast range of simulations without the usual associated costs, thereby drastically reducing training budgets.
  • Crew Training – The Ship Bridge Simulator technology provides the opportunity for real-time crew collaboration for several crew members in the same virtual environment to aid in teaching communication skills as well as ship handling.

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