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In the UK, employers and site managers must comply with health and safety regulations for safe working practices. This includes making sure that anyone working on the site has the skills and experience to operate the equipment involved in their role. However, with this it brings the challenge of how to train employees in the use of construction equipment effectively and safely. Traditional methods of training on heavy construction equipment can be costly, both in terms of money and health & safety. However, construction equipment operator training simulators offer new ways of improving training delivery. In this ebook, we explore 8 reasons to invest in Simulation Training.

Table of Contents

  • Reasons to Invest in Simulators 1 - Hands-on Training in a Safe Environment 2 - Improve Employee Performance 3 - Minimise Compliance Expenses 4 - Engage Your Workforce 5- Fast Turnaround 6 - Reduce Equipment Costs 7 - Bridge the Skills Gap 8 - Keep Track of Key Metrics
  • Use of CM Labs Training Simulators in the Construction Sector
  • Conclusion
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