Webinar: Planetariums, Breathtaking Experiences and Immersive Education!

June 17, 2021
2:00 pm


How Planetariums bring value to Education?


Welcome to this is first webinar dedicated to the planetarium industry!

Our host Amir Khosh will welcome you on the 17th of June introducing you to the industry experts at RSA Cosmos who will provide their insights with engaging presentations that will outline the latest technologies and capabilities for Planetariums and their Educational Dimensions!
We will be joined by Florence Grisolle, Training & User Support – Planetary Science PhD, Alexandre Marchetti, R&D Project Manager – Unity Expert and Bahar Gumus, Sales Manager.
They will share real case studies and walk you through the most realistic software providing unmatched immersive experiences delivered with live demonstrations on the day!

planetarium-rsa cosmos


Amir Khosh

Business Development Manager @ST Engineering Antycip

Florence Grisolle

Training & User Support - Planetary Science PhD @RSA Cosmos

Alexandre Marchetti

R&D Project Manager - Unity Expert @RSA Cosmos

Bahar Gumus

Sales Manager @RSA Cosmos


Welcome & Introduction
Planetariums, Breathtaking Experiences & Immersive Platforms
Live demo: Educational journeys through the Universe with SkyExplorer
Live demo: STEAM Education uncovered
Customers journeys and case study
Q&A Session

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