We are delighted to let you know that ST Engineering Antycip has been shortlisted for the AV Awards, not for one project, but for two projects!


VSimulators interior apartment VSimulators collaboration project has been shortlisted for Education Project of the Year at this year's AV Technology Awards: Digital Edition! VSimulators at the University of Bath was finalised in October 2019. This new generation simulator consists of an environmental chamber on a hydraulic based moving platform, that Antycip equipped with a virtual reality projection base solution. It is designed primarily as a research tool to conduct experiments with real humans in the loop. It is already being used to immerse people in a range of lifelike environments, in order to study their reactions to different structures, including swaying skyscrapers and bridges. Research teams have already identified over 50 potential applications for the facility, including immersive VR game development, physical rehabilitation and driverless vehicle design, bringing together varied industry and academic sectors. Read more about VSimulators  

The Hiker pedestrian Lab

Hiker pedestrian Lab

Picture: Lorne Campbell / Guzelian

The Highly Immersive Kinematic Experimental Research (HIKER) lab is the largest, VR CAVE based pedestrian simulation environment of its type in the world. The HIKER lab allows participants to interact with a variety of urban environments and vehicles in a 9 x 4 m walking space with a level of real-world performance that is not possible using head-mounted Virtual Reality equipment. The lab allows participants to interact with a variety of urban environments and vehicles. It has been designed to support safe experimental research that can be conducted in a repeatable fashion with a variety of variables with respect to Automated Vehicle (AV) design, warning system design, and intersection configuration, and how people interact with built environments. This research, in turn, allows University of Leeds researchers to contribute to the design of sustainable cities that meet the needs of future populations. Read more about HIKER We look forward to seeing you (virtually) on 25th June at the digital AV Awards ceremony!


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